Sell the lifestyle if you want to grow as a brand

How do you grow a tattoo studio?

One true way is to hire good tattoo artist who produce good work and overtime, his work becomes well known in city he lives in and the studio grows with him.

This is natural process which many indie business owners follow. It is cheap and word of mouth recommendation is followed.

But what if you have some extra money as well and you want to grow fast. Create a brand which you can pass on a legacy. Have you head on edhardy t-shirts? He was a legendary tattoo artist when he started. He then became very good artist and then had a cult like following among his client base. When he designed clothes later in his career - it too off. Fast forward 50 years, they are several billion dollar apparel company. Such is the power of brand.

So, You see - how brand is important. If cards are played right, Down the time - You too can have it or atleast something similar.

So, How do you grow a brand?

One thing that seems logical is - Creating is a brand is long term process and requires work for several decades, tbh.

But work starts from present moment.

You need to show your lifestyle. Make it popular among general working class. They should be appealed by the same.

Ever wondered why Coca-cola associate themselves with good time. Have that perfect ad, or showing that most noble cause. This results in user memory associating the most contrast part of that visual presented itched in his memory. That is why, Coca-cola has red symbol.

Same for 7-up with adventurous spirit. This done over a period of decade social engineer the audience to associate good time with coke and adventure with 7up and so on.

You divide the audience as per age groups. Generally - u-18, Adult, Middle age, Old age - Some thing like this makes sense. But you consider the social structure of society as well.

In India, It is young boy and girl, Family - Dad and mom, and grandparents. Add friends and you are talking virtually all the segment of society.

As for the initial question, You want to appeal the lifestyle of a tattoo artist. Art, Interesting clients, Personal story, Smoking - A brand around this always appeal to your kind of audience. Done correctly overtime - You are talking business.

That's it for this time.