Prioritize Sleep to Succeed in Career

Hustle attitude is great. It is infectious to be honest. You feel pumped up esp when you are over coming one problem after the other.

Often the pressure to get things done, requires you staying back in office. This is more so common in agency life as a marketing head.

All is great till the time, you're are not getting enough sleep because you are just too busy working. Lack of sleep has many issues which one google search can easily give you.

But the issue that i want to bring to light is, Lack of sleep often cause stress. Work pressure can get better off you on days and modern man has a wonderful answer to this problem - CIGARETTE.

All is cool till the time you are having occasional cigs break but situation easclates quickly. One cigarette become two, two becomes four and you find smoking partners and shit just keeps escalating.

Not only it keep draining you of your hard earned money but i have seen lots of people ruin their health because they just couldn't leave cigarette.

The problem is acknowledged by everyone but hardly any practical tips are given.

I have noticed on the days, when i give my body ample amount of rest, I get less stress and anxiety. Less stress means less desire to smoke. Often on such days, I hardly smoke.

As someone has said, Health is wealth.

Prioritize sleep a lot. This will not only help you heal, but you will feel better, Smoke less, Save money and probably lead a better life in general where you are less irritated and more alive.