Onboarding Clients

We need onboarding methodology so that clients feel the value of choosing your organisation and are delighted by the ease and overall experience.

They are guided like a professional human - where why, how and everything, even little bit is clear and measurable. Reasons are shared. Marketing discussed like a part of team. You need clients who understand marketing is part of business and is the most crucial part of growth. Hence, input from all possible angles is necessary. You want to give yourself best chance to succeed. So, business maker is required to give input so that you can use feedback loop to optimize campaigns and follow law of averages rule. What it does is, your client becomes responsible for his marketing success. If he wins, your agency wins. If he loses, he loses. Either case, Agency wins or draws. No negative.

The point is to keep the client involved using some metrics he understands, in his language - making it as easy as possible for him. Never make it difficult. Else he will look for options. Competition is too much for him to ignore bad experience.

This is the recommended method because you want to do good work where you are satisfied with life. Most often than not, businesses ignore this because they want to earn quick money. In short term, it is good option. But within small timeframe, Burnout will come and things crash. Much like a car is overheating. It is real. Google it. So, it is optimum to give good experience so that you do good work, happy with the way life has turned out to be for you as a marketer and agency owner. Take care of one part, others will align in resonance.

This method also is good from long term pov because word of mouth recommendation is most valuable marketing out there. Not beats it, even a guaranteed method like SEO. This is because conversions are almost 99%, I

f you want. One percent is for those business man, who don't know how to close deals.

So, If you don't have an onboarding process, define it, put your best employees on it. Keep it simple.

You got it, Cheers!