Logistics & Supply chain Industry

Delhivery raised another $250 million to take their valuation to $3 billion dollars.

Interesting fact is this is just for India.

Experts estimate global logistics and supply chain is worth more than $2 trillion and in next few years, numbers might reach $8 trillion.

With globalisation and more connected world, it is only reasonable to assume it will be easier to ship to and from third world countries to first world.

Hence, VCs pumping money into logistics and supply chain makes sense.

So, Far China is leading the pack with almost all major logistics companies situated in hong kong.

No matter how many international companies come, national logistics will always be taken care by local companies.

This pandemic has already reiterated the fact that more and more such local logistics companies are needed to connect all the rural villages and 3rd tier cities.

Setting up a supply chain company is relatively easy but getting the operations right, is where things get interesting.

I remember a developer friend of mine who worked at Zomato, a food delivery company , mentioning how to achieve shortest path across different streets of the city ensuring maximum food delivery. This saves money and time.

Figure it out, it gets complicated and needs tree mapping to get it correct. Pretty basic for a computer grad but still interesting nonetheless.

Considering everything, If an entrepreneur is looking for a solid investment with good returns, logistics and supply chain companies make great sense.

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