Is Modi govt most tech friendly govt India ever had?

11,000% growth in last two decades has resulted in India boosting over half billion internet users.

That's massive potential. What's even crazy is, there is potential to double that amount in next 10 years. With population more than 1.2 billion and only 40% of the population has a digital footprint. It is this reason why all the tech industries are sensing goldrush and investing record high FDIs in Indian economy.

Presence of PM office in India is on all social media platforms with strong followers support on each and every platform.

Modi has been know to use the technical prowess of his team to boost 50m followers on IG, 22m on Twitter and 100m on Facebook.

That's incredible. He is in the same category as Superstars.

For good or bad, that's a subjective but Modi govt run strong digital campaigns over social media networks.

With ad spend of over $40 million, Modi govt won the internet in 2019 elections. Comparing the same with their rival, that's 10x budget.

Not only just marketing and promotion but Modi govt is also using data analysis to catch tax defaulters.

So far, $120 million has been recovered from defaulters.

Urban cities form the locus of such recovery.

Also, scams are being found using similar system. Scammers are creating fake credit and en-cashing. Fake invoicing, refunds etc all have been found using data analysis.

With the growth in Indian digital footprint and introduction of 4g and payments app, pandemic had been a completely different feel had it not been for Modi and intense digitalization in 2016.

While many complain that modi has hindered freedom of speech, it is to be noted that previous govt imposed emergencies and sedated people to control population. Due to hindsight, it is fair to say that conditions have improved. Further improvements, much needed.