Are infographics still popular?

I remember a long time ago, they were VERY popular. But this form of content couldn't keep up with change.

For starters, They're hard to read, especially on mobile.

Companies are still a bit obsessed with them, but they work better when they are broken down into social media posts usually. They still get created, but they aren't shared as much any more. In fact, They’re terrible for sharing on social, because they always try to fit the whole vertical in the screen

Also, usually bad for SEO. Why bother when you can have a video and a transcript with some nice mini-animations on the page instead.

Also, once Facebook implemented their 20% rule, they quit being a thing because they weren't prioritized on the news feed.

However, They can be a good piece to host on a landing page. Although the video may be the future, infographics are still great for B2B. Businessmen seem to like them a lot.