Internet on a boost mode

You need an ecosystem that is financially stable for it to thrive.

Internet is becoming exactly that.

With the formation of major channels in form of search engines, social media and music streaming: It has been easier than ever in the entire history of mankind to reach out to your audience within few clicks.

Pandemic accelerated the growth by 10x. We are 10 years into the future due to such massive shift in digital model.

Many more channels came along. Organic reachouts can be a long term strategy for the company. But what to do in short term?

Answer: Ads.

Everyone is doing it and finding success. Proof?

Spending across google has grown by 69% in last one year. Facebook: 59%, LinkedIn 97%, Twitter 74%, Snapchat 116% and Spotify 627%.

These are all ads income year-on-year growth.

If thousands of businesses pour billions into something for years, odds are it works.