Online presence is more important than ever

All this small scare in corona-virus has confirmed my convictions that world we have known forever might have changed.

With the amount of scientific updates and data - scientists quote, then add this virus outbreak. It is hard to ignore the noise when economical index free falls everyday.

So, How to overcome this economic freefall?

Well, you need a resource that is independent of such metrics.

A good example is digital existence. Your website, SEO, Social media profiles, ads - these world is just fine even when traditional businesses are making huge losses. Old empires keep falling for new to make way. Google, Facebook are latest examples. Infact, Amazon is big not because of the website but cloud services in aws.

Digital presence is an asset in this present situation. Human beings are adaptable species, this is the core of their intelligence. So, adapt. It is good that you don't trust in this enough. Deniability is a basic instinct that helps us survive. Businesses survive then thrive.

Expand your reach and presence, and how to do that cheaply. Get a website, do some basic seo, maintain some consistent social media. These are very cheap marketing method. 30 years ago, companies needed huge marketing budget to reach out. Coca cola spent billions to reach everywhere. You can compete with coca-cola online. Such is the might.

Big companies have been caught sleeping on laurels and not riding the wave, start ups are bigger in few years what took traditional business decades to build.

I only see benefits.