Should I use DuckDuckgo instead of Google?

Privacy is just a myth over Internet

We're giving location, camera permission to all others app. So, It doesn't matter much. In terms of real security/privacy it won’t do much unless all other vulnerabilities are taken care of first (vpn, proxies, ip masking, tunneling etc). There certainly is less/no tracking from the browser itself, which is nice.

I profuse using duck duck go simply because I get less ads from google based on what I searched.

It is highly irritating when google starts targeting me based on my search history.

I also use DuckDuckGo when I wanna do more investigative research. For some reasons results aren’t filter like in Google. Try it. Search for something on Google and do the same on DuckDuckGo. Result differ a lot.

One of the best part is far less biased search results. DuckDuckGo does not suppress contrarian viewpoints and opinion sites like Google does, so if you actually want to see new ideas it is useful.

Also, You get less spam at your mail while using DuckDuckGo.

The only drawback is the search results aren't as robust as Google. Especially when you are searching for local stuff (and not general queries).