Is marketing most dispensable aspect of business

Now, there is this noise i am hearing that marketing people get fired first when cut-shorting is done.

Does the data back it?

Oyo - a unicorn in hospitality cut fired 10k employees early feb. Were they of marketing? Data says, 70% were operational employees.

Marketing now a days, doesn't mean much employees.

2-3, sometimes - even one marvelous marketer is enough to keep the ship steady.

Those who fire marketing guys first are practicaly saying no to reaching out. How will business thrive if no one knows you?

This is the sign of ship going down. Even mighter titanic sunk. Better to de-board.

A good company will adpat and see - maintaining an online presence is very easy and cost effective. The ROI and a consistent brand presence even in such times, is a valuable assest to have. Not many organisations can say the same.

So, if you don't want to close down your business in future ever, do your hard work and determination to succeed a favour and get an online presence.

I can only see upside.